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ZEEKR Connected

ZEEKR Connected

Your EV user experience made easy
Our ZEEKR Connected services ensure that every journey becomes more convenient, innovative, and rewarding.
Standard Connectivity

Standard Connectivity

To enhance your everyday experience, our vehicles are equipped with seamless Connected Services, such as:

  • ZEEKR Connected Companion app = always check and control the status of your car remotely
  • Onboard navigation = never lose your way, with the local maps stored in your vehicle
  • Continuous system Over-The-Air updates = keep your car fresh with frictionless updates Over-The-Air
ZEEKR Connected Companion App

ZEEKR Connected Companion App

Start your journey even before you step foot inside your car through our companion app, packed with features that keep you informed and in control, so you’re always prepared.

These include:

  • Remote Control
  • Battery Charging
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Digital Key (only for certain phone models that support this)
Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates

Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates

Always enjoy a vehicle at the cutting edge of technologies without needing a physical service visit, with future OTA software updates that will introduce the latest Connected features, improvements, and software enhancements.

With enhanced user experience and capabilities, every drive will be better than the last.

These include:
Connected Premium Services
Experience digital luxury through our Premium services offerings:

- Smart EV Mobility
- Smart Assistant with voice control
- Entertainment & Streaming
- Productivity on-the-go
Connected Premium Services
Connected Premium Services

Connected Premium Services

Smart EV Mobility

Smart EV Mobility

Never worry about your EV journey with our Smart EV Mobility solutions, a seamless navigation experience, including effortless charging planning.

We strive to offer you the easiest EV experience by suggesting optimal route with charging stations, minimizing charging time, eliminating range anxiety while driving, conveniently displaying driving range and predicting the charge level at destination.

Smart Assistant

Smart Assistant

Enjoy the pampering of a personal assistant ready to serve your needs at the switch of a button, turning your vehicle into your personal concierge. Our Smart Assistant with Voice Control brings digital luxury to your EV, offering voice interactions for a safer and connected driving experience.

We give you instant access to information, effortless control of various vehicle functions, and reliable assistance, keeping your focus on the road while enjoying the convenience of voice-controlled features. The commands can also be on a granular level like “open rear left window by 50%”, “set voice navigation volume to 10”. It covers the most used features in the car, and more.

Entertainment & Streaming
Entertainment & Streaming

Forget about your phone, and indulge in your favorite music, podcasts, or shows, using your car to directly access your favorite providers. With access to top streaming and entertainment apps, your EV becomes more than a vehicle: it's your personal entertainment center on wheels.

Productivity on-the-go
Productivity on-the-go

Amplify your productivity, turning your cabin into your mobile office, thanks to the seamless integration of your calendar and conferencing apps. ​​

Stay on top of your work schedule, manage appointments, and join meetings without leaving your vehicle. ​

It allows you to turn your EV into a mobile office that caters to your professional needs.​


What are ZEEKR Connected Services?

ZEEKR Connected Services provide an integrated suite of features designed to elevate and simplify your Mobility (driving and ownership) experience of ZEEKR vehicles. We offer both Standard Connectivity, which is included with your vehicle purchase, and Premium Connected Services available for an annual or monthly fee.

What features are included in the Premium Connected Services?

The Premium Connected Services, available at 99 EUR/year or 9.99 EUR/month, include a range of advanced features such as:
• Smart EV Mobility: Online smart navigation with live charging planning.
• Smart Assistant with voice control: Ask your ZEEKR for assistance with all your mobility needs.
• Entertainment & Streaming: Experience music and videos on the go without the need for your phone.
• Productivity on-the-go: Transform your car into a mobile office.
These are just a few highlights; the Premium package offers many more features designed to optimize your driving experience.

How do I activate ZEEKR Connected Services in my vehicle?

You can activate the Standard Connectivity features through your vehicle's onboard infotainment system and logging in through the ZEEKR app. The Premium Connected Services will be already pre-loaded for 1 year.

How secure are ZEEKR Connected Services?

At ZEEKR, security is paramount. Both our Standard Connectivity and Premium Connected Services employ advanced encryption and security protocols to ensure that your data and vehicle controls are protected from unauthorized access.

What is the "privacy mode" and how do I activate it?

The "privacy mode" is a feature designed to prioritize and enhance your personal data protection while using ZEEKR Connected Services. When activated, certain data transmissions between your vehicle and our servers may be limited or paused to ensure utmost privacy. To activate "privacy mode", simply navigate to the central display menu inside your ZEEKR vehicle. There, you'll find an option for ""privacy mode"" which you can enable or disable as per your preference. Please note that while "privacy mode" enhances data privacy, certain Connected Services features may be limited or unavailable when this mode is active.

Which phones are approved for the Digital Key feature in the ZEEKR Connected Companion app?

The Digital Key feature, allowing your phone to function as a vehicle key, is designed for the highest quality and security experience. This feature is compatible with specific approved phone models. The list of approved phones includes:

• Apple iPhone 14 Pro
• Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
• Apple iPhone 13 Mini
• Apple iPhone 12 Pro
• Apple iPhone 12
• Apple iPhone 11
• Apple iPhone X
• Apple iPhone 8 Plus

• OnePlus 11

• Google Pixel 6a

• Samsung Galaxy A54 5G
• Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4
• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4
• Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
• Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus
• Samsung Galaxy S21
• Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
• Galaxy S20 FE 5G
• Galaxy A52 5G
• Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
• Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
• Samsung Galaxy S10
• Galaxy S9 Plus
• Galaxy S9

• Xiaomi 12C

To ensure the best experience, we regularly update the list of approved phones after rigorous testing and validation.

Can I share my ZEEKR Connected Companion app access with other members of my family?

Yes, you can share access with trusted members of your family. However, ensure they download the app on their approved devices and follow the guided process to gain access. Remember, for features like Digital Key, only approved phone models will be fully functional.

What should I do if I sell my ZEEKR vehicle?

If you decide to sell your Zeekr vehicle, we recommend you reset the vehicle's infotainment system to its factory settings, ensuring all personal data and preferences are removed. Additionally, remove your vehicle from the ZEEKR Connected Companion app to revoke any connected access.

What features come with the Standard Connectivity included in my vehicle purchase?

The Standard Connectivity, included with your ZEEKR EV, offers, among many, the following features:
• ZEEKR Connected Companion app: Always check and control the status of your car remotely.
• Onboard navigation: Never lose your way with local maps stored directly in your vehicle.
• Continuous system Over-The-Air updates: Keep your car up-to-date with seamless Over-The-Air updates.

Are there any additional fees for the Premium Connected Services?

The Premium Connected Services are available for an annual subscription fee of 99 EUR. This package unlocks a suite of advanced features to enhance your ZEEKR driving experience. The premium package is included in the vehicle price during our launch period for 1 year.

Can I control my ZEEKR EV remotely using the ZEEKR Connected Companion app?

Yes, with the ZEEKR Connected Companion app, which is part of the Standard Connectivity package, you can control various functions of your vehicle remotely, such as locking/unlocking doors and checking the battery status.

How does ZEEKR handle my data and personal information with these services?

We prioritize your privacy at ZEEKR. All data and personal information collected through both Standard Connectivity and Premium Connected Services are stored and processed in compliance with stringent data protection regulations. For a detailed overview, please review our Privacy Policy available on our official website, on our vehicles, and on our app.

What if I face any issues or challenges with the Connected Services?

If you experience any issues with either the Standard Connectivity or Premium Connected Services, we recommend first consulting the troubleshooting section in your vehicle's user manual. Should the problem persist, our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you further.

Does ZEEKR Connected Services require an active internet connection?

While many of the Standard Connectivity features can function without an active internet connection, certain functionalities of the Premium Connected Services, such as Smart EV Mobility and Entertainment & Streaming, require an active connection to deliver the full experience.

How does ZEEKR handle areas with poor network connectivity?

Our Standard Connectivity features, such as onboard navigation, are designed to function seamlessly even in areas with limited or no network connectivity. For Premium Connected Services that require an active internet connection, performance may vary based on the strength and stability of the network signal.

Is there customer support available if I have technical issues with the service?

Absolutely! Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you with any technical issues or questions you might have about ZEEKR Connected Services. You can reach out through the app, our official website, or the contact number provided in your vehicle's user manual.
Stay tuned for more information about ZEEKR.
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