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Charge anywhere, drive everywhere
ZEEKR Power aims at making EV charging a seamless experience for our drivers. With our wide range of services, ZEEKR drivers will be able to enjoy a hassle-free driving experience without the charging and range anxiety in mind. Use our charging services to charge at home or on the road.
On the road
At home

"One App, 550,000+ charging points across Europe."

Charge on the go with ZEEKR Charge App

All our ZEEKR drivers will have access to our brand-new ZEEKR CHARGE charging app and charging card, powered by our pan-European partner, Plugsurfing.

With our ZEEKR Charge service, you can access over 550,000 charge points in 27 European countries, find chargers that best suit your needs, and instantly pay for your charging, regardless of who owns and operates these networks.


How do I activate the ZEEKR Charge Service?

  • Together with your ZEEKR car you will receive a welcome package, with a charging card and relevant instructions.
  • Download the ZEEKR Charge App and create an account by adding your VIN number and your preferred payment method.
  • Register your charging within the app.

And that’s it! You’re ready to charge your new ZEEKR EV on the road.

These include:
1. Find
2. Charge
3. Drive!

If you have an issue or need help with anything related to ZEEKR Charge, we’re here to give you a hand 24/7. You can find all below 5 support methods in the ‘Account’ tab of ZEEKR Charge App.

  • Chatbot Chatbot
  • Submit a request Submit a request
  • Send an email Send an email
  • Phone Phone

FAQ for ZEEKR Charge

Can I charge my electric vehicle at any charging station?

Not all charging stations are compatible with all types of electric vehicles. Some charging stations only offer AC charging, while others offer both AC and DC charging. You can use the ZEEKR Charge app to find out what types of connectors a specific charging station has so you can ensure that it's compatible with your vehicle.

Which chargers can I access with ZEEKR Charge?

You can access the charging stations that are included in the network of our partner Plugsurfing. Plugsurfing partners with around 500 local and international charging point operators (CPOs), including IONITY, Allego, and EVBox. You can access a network of 550,000 chargers in 27 European countries.

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle?

The time it takes to charge an electric vehicle depends on many factors:
- Charging speed and type (AC or DC)
- Size of vehicle’s battery
- The current level of charge
- AC charging typically takes several hours to fully charge a vehicle, while DC charging can charge a vehicle in as little as 30 minutes. Remember that you don’t need to charge your battery to 100% every time.

What is the difference between AC and DC charging?

Alternating current (AC) charging is the most common method (at homes) and typically takes longer to charge. Direct current (DC) charging is faster, but often more expensive.

Do I need my charging cable in order to charge at public charging stations?

Almost all DC charging stations come equipped with the cable to support the higher charging speeds. For most AC charging applications, you are required to supply your own cable.

How much does it cost to charge an electric vehicle at a public charging station?

The cost of charging an electric vehicle also depends on many factors:

- Charging speed
- Time of the day
- Location
- Many charging stations offer different pricing plans, including pay-per-use, membership plans, and flat rate plans. It's important to research the specific charging station you plan to use to ensure that you understand the pricing and any associated fees.

"State of the art home charger, seamless installation, peace of mind”

ZEEKR Home Charging Package

For those of our drivers that wish to charge at home, we have secured a seamless installation and home charger offer via our European network of qualified partners. Depending on the specific circumstances of your electrical installation, you will be able to charge your ZEEKR car with up to 22kW of power. Our technical partners will advise you on the best solution and will explain how to use your home charger.

How do I get the ZEEKR Home Charging Package?

How do I get the ZEEKR Home Charging Package?

  • Express your interest for a home charging package via our car configurator.
  • Our qualified technical partners will reach out to you within 1 week to inform you about our standard offer and layout any additional options that might suit your charging needs.
  • Our partners will also arrange a technical assessment and a date for your installation.
  • A qualified technician will visit you to perform the installation of your home charger and to answer to any of your questions.
Standard Home Charging Package

Standard Home Charging Package

For the most relevant product information and offers tailored to your region, please visit your dedicated market site.


FAQ for Home Charging

Why should I have a home charging box installed? What is the benefit?

Charging boxes are specially designed to charge electric vehicles and provide both faster and safer charging than, for example, a wall socket. For example, the charging box can provide up to 10 times faster charging than charging in the wall socket.

In addition, by installing a charging box at your parking space, it keeps track of the temperature during charging to minimize the fire risk that can otherwise occur when charging from a wall socket. Should something go wrong, the charging box cuts off the power to eliminate the potential danger.

Where to place a charging box?

The best place for a charging box is on a wall by the car's parking lot and as close to the distribution board as possible to make the supply of electricity easy. If there is no wall, you may need to mount it on a pole, which requires digging work and becomes more expensive. This is the short answer, but in practice there are many elements that matter. We will therefore go through everything you need to think about when you want to find the best place to install the charging box.

Can I place my home charger in my garage?

The best place to place the charging box is in the garage. Then the charging box will always be at the right temperature. It's also best for the electric car's battery, which gets longer range and life when the battery stays warm. Another advantage of having the electric car and charging box in the garage is that the charging cable stays dry and clean, which is not always the case if you charge outdoors.

How is a charging box installed?

A charging box is mounted on a wall, railing or pole and must be installed by an authorized electrician.

Can I get a subsidy for a charging box?

As a private individual, you may qualify for a tax deduction of up to half the cost when you install a charging box depending on a number of factors. Consult your government’s green technology deduction page.
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