Zeekr Care
Vehicle care made easy.

A state-of-the-art diagnostics platform, an industry-leading warranty and a comprehensive service network give you convenience and piece of mind throughout the lifetime of your Zeekr vehicle.

  • Extensive Service Network

    Our extensive service network gives you certainty that wherever you go you will be in good hands. Choose between Zeekr Hi-Tech Service Center, Zeekr Mobile Service and Zeekr authorized Service Workshops, whichever is most suitable for your needs.

    Zeekr ensures that all service points in our network follow Zeekr standards and have Zeekr trained technicians to perform service and repair at the highest standards. Our service network uses genuine Zeekr parts, designed and tested to ensure a perfect fit to your Zeekr cars.

  • Warranty and Service

    Experience full peace of mind with up to 10 years warranty. Every new Zeekr comes with a 5 year/100,000 km vehicle warranty, extendable up to an additional 5 years/100,000 km by following the Zeekr recommended service and maintenance schedule at Zeekr Hi-Tech Service Centers or Zeekr authorized Service Workshops. Terms and conditions apply.

    The Zeekr Care Service Plan is a convenient way to secure your car is maintained and kept safe on a regular basis. You can lock in your service plan when you build your Zeekr vehicle online.

  • Zeekr Care Service Plan

    The Zeekr Care Service Plan provides convenience, value and confidence with up to four services available for purchase within this plan. With a service needed every two years or 40,000 km, a four year Zeekr Care Service plan could provide up to ten years or 200,000 km of Zeekr service-secured driving before you need to pay for your next scheduled service!

    Our Zeekr Care Service Plan can be used at all ZeekrR Hi Tech Service Centres, Zeekr Mobile Service and Zeekr authorized Service Workshops with the option to transfer the plan to the next Zeekr owner too. Why not fix the future service prices for your Zeekr today!

  • Elevate your ownership experience with Zeekr Insurance

    Elevate your ownership experience with Zeekr Insurance provided by our insurance partners. For the most relevant insurance information tailored to your region, please visit your dedicated market site.